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How to Bring Out the Potential of Quiet Team Members

They exist in every organisation, they do. But you may not notice their existence because they are just so quiet. Introverted or just plain shy, such individuals are appreciated for rarely contributing to workplace drama. However, because they are so reserved when interacting with others, it is difficult to get to know them, and tougher […]

Three Ways to Improve Team Spirit

Let’s face it. Most of us will work for more than one company in the course of our careers. Whether we jump ship because the organisation is sinking, or because the prospective organisation is like a cruise liner to a dinghy, provided we left on good terms with our colleagues there will come a time […]

7 Ways To Solve A Conflict With Your Team

Conflicts. Some of the worst moments when tensions are high in a team and the slightest spark inevitably leads to the largest possible blaze. Furious glances across the conference table, screaming matches in the hallway, all those situations that make you wish you were a tiny speck in existence right about to disappear (if you […]

Types of Team Building Exercises

Relying on a single team building exercise will not remedy every team building malady— no team building exercise is so powerful and all-encompassing that it can transform a group dramatically from a bunch of misfits into the world’s best team. Therefore, team building exercises, when executed, should target specific areas of teamwork which are deemed […]

Jambar Team Building Releases Indoor Creative Challenge

Jambar Team Building is proud to announce the launch of its Indoor Creative Challenge. 3rd March, Singapore — The Indoor Creative Challenge is an indoor variation of its flagship game, the Wild Goats Challenge, an interactive game played fully on tablet computers. A highly engaging game, the Indoor Creative Challenge promises participants tremendous fun condensed […]

Jambar Successful Completes the Inaugural Nordea Challenge

Jambar Team Building successfully runs its popular interactive Wild Goat’s Challenge in Resorts World Sentosa with Nordea, Singapore.  On 13th February 2014, the Nordea team successfully completed the Wild Goat’s Challenge on the sunny island of Sentosa, Singapore. The Wild Goat’s Challenge – one of Jambar’s most coveted interactive games on offer, requires participants to […]

Team Building, or Team Bonding?

What is the long term value of team building? To answer this question, we first have to understand what truly constitutes a ‘team building’ activity. Countless articles and blogs have made mention of the difference between ‘team bonding’ and ‘team building’ activities, and have concluded that ‘team bonding’ and ‘team building’ are two ends of a […]

Three Tips to Create the Best Team

In life, we often find ourselves having to work with other people in teams. Sometimes, we enjoy working in our teams, and sometimes we do not. This is usually tied to the success of the team— the better it does, the more we like it. Otherwise, it becomes loathsome. In the case of our best […]