Team Building Singapore

Meeting The Needs of PCS Security

 When PCS Security approached us about organizing their corporate team building event, they had a very specific outcome in mind. They wanted to underline the different positions within the chain of communication to their team.


Well, communication is not always as easy or straight forward as it seems to be. PCS Security wanted their employees to be more aware that every position in the chain of communication comes with different challenges.


A manager, for example, is burdened with having a vision of what should be done. Being in the beginning of the chain, if management is misunderstood a chain reaction of mistakes occurs. Managers need to clearly communicate with the middle man for the message to be relayed to Operations correctly. In many cases, the materialization of a miscommunication is only seen once Operations have done their job. Where the mistake ‘started’ is difficult to track because the information travels through multiple people. The problem here is that it is often Operations who are ultimately blamed for the mistake.


But how could we show Operations that managing people isn’t as easy as they might think while showing the managers that some mistakes made by Operations could just be because of unclear communication?
Do you have any idea of how to incorporate all of that into one activity?


Well, in the beginning, neither did we! There are dozens of different activities that underline the importance of communication during corporate team building events, but they didn’t quite seem to fit the bill.


So what did we do?


We hit the drawing board! Our team got together and started to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other until we developed our newest game – The Mind Stretcher. It was great fun to get the opportunity to do what we do best which is get those creative juices flowing. To create games that are fun but also have a learning outcome for corporate team building events can be challenging but its what sets our team apart from the rest. When our wide variety of customizable games and activities don’t fully meet the needs of a client, we will happily take on the thrill of designing a new game!


So what did we come up with?


Well! Simply said we reversed the chain of communication. The participants would experience how it feels to be in their colleague’s shoes. Operations were put into the role of needing to communicate a vision and the managers had the challenge of materializing the vision into action.


And you know what?


It was amazing. The participants struggled with their new positions and gained respect for their colleagues in different positions. We received great feedback and were thrilled that it took the effect that we had hoped for.


That is the amazing thing about being a part of Jambar Team Building – our successes are broad. When Jambar succeeds at what we do – well that creates a ripple effect of helping a multitude of people spanning over different companies, markets and countries.