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Team Building Activities


Most office environments are fast-paced, so it can be difficult bringing everyone onboard for the next big project. But it’s important to keep your staff motivated, and to create team bonding activities. A team who bonds together is going to be the one who cares about the next big corporate project, rather than just putting in an appearance to collect a paycheck. Team building activities are the best way to give your staff a chance to bond together and get to know each other.


Finding the perfect team building activities can be a challenge. It’s happened to the best of managers. Events are announced well in advance, yet on the special day no on turns up, or no one wants to participate. One of the most notorious events seems to be the company potluck. Many people groan when they know there’s one scheduled, or even “forget” to bring their food on that day.


One way around this issue is for the company to order in pizza for everyone. Pizza day is a popular activity, sponsored by the business. It gives everyone a chance to take a break at the same time, and to enjoy cheating on their diets for this one day. Team members have the chance to chat for an hour. Most likely there’s little time for idle chat during the day. But having a meal brought in will allow for an opportunity for your staff to get to know each other, without having them feel guilty that they’re away from their desks.


Find out if any of your team is interested in becoming an activities manager. This person will be responsible for thinking up fun events for the whole office to enjoy. These events can be based on holidays coming up, celebratory occasions, or for any other reason.


The chance to win a prize is often a great reason for an employee to participate, even when it’s only a small token. Many people enjoy competing, but it should never be at the expense of another employee. Being able to deflect harmful competition into a fun contest for everyone to enjoy is the best way to keep bored minds occupied. Keep the contest activities to bite-sized projects. For example, if the business is considering a new logo, have a contest for your employees to design a new one. Be sure they have time at work to create their designs.


If there is one particular problem the company has been facing, have an on-the-spot contest. Separate everyone into teams, then have them brainstorm to find the best solution to a problem. For example, perhaps the cost of copier paper is too high, and the business needs to cut back on this expense. Workers can brainstorm the best ideas. Small gifts can be handed out to the most creative ideas.


Monthly team building activities may be simple, but they can still be fun and entertaining, and they’ll go far in bringing your entire team onboard for the next big project.

Team Building and Leadership: Four Ways to Build More Effective Teams

Great teams are never accidental, they are not simply the result of luck, of the right people randomly coming together to work towards a common goal. The genesis of effective teams revolves around inspiring leaders; they are built by those with vision and purpose.


We all know which qualities make a great leader—we look for someone who is proactive, who is not afraid to make tough decisions, who sets lofty goals and has the ability to motivate others to attain them—but what not enough of us realize is that we all have some untapped leadership potential within us. Leaders, like teams, are often “made” rather than born. (And, in the same vein, those who already identify as leaders can always find new methods to improve their technique.)


Ergo, if you have team building aspirations, if you wish to either become a team leader or enhance your existing team bonding skills, there are strategic steps you can take to do so, such as the four team building methods outlined below:


  1. Be mindful of how you work.


When in a leadership position, you’re entrusted with monitoring how everyone else is working, and as such, you may easily forget to remain aware of how you’re working. Always take the time to step back and analyze how your leadership style is impacting those around you: Are your techniques effective for the team you’re currently working with? If you see areas that could use improvement, be accountable and work on them; your team will respect you all the more for doing so.


  1. Get to know your team well.


Leaders often separate themselves, on some level, from the rest of the team, as they are in a position of authority. This may feel more “professional”, but in reality, too much of this distance easily cripples a team leader’s ability to relate to and inspire those on his or her team. Instead, get involved as a peer—participate in corporate team bonding activities, encourage camaraderie between team members, and take the time to empathize on an individual level with those on your team. Only by truly knowing people in this way can you tap into what motivates and inspires them.


  1. Create well-defined roles and responsibilities.


Once you truly get to know those on your team, you can take that knowledge one step further by making sure each individual has clearly defined roles and responsibilities that fit his or her skills and temperament. This is where you can create true team synergy; each team member’s interconnected, interdependent responsibilities may be linked in such a way that strengths are maximized and weaknesses downplayed, allowing the team to function as a single, powerful, streamlined entity.


  1. Always be proactive about giving feedback.


Human beings require validation, and whether it comes as constructive criticism or praise (depending on the needs of the situation), you as a leader must remember to give it, and often. Feedback is more than just the “affirmation” part of team building, it is the grease that keeps the wheels of the machine moving, letting people know when they are on the right track, and when they should adjust certain aspects of their performance to achieve even more. Remember to give feedback in an “organic” way, too; don’t wait for performance appraisals and other formal occasions, but instead give feedback informally as well, while work is actively underway.

The Importance of Team Building

As a business owner, one of the most important things when it comes to having a successful company is to create a cohesive team of professionals. Getting the best team for your business can be a little tricky, as people won’t be able to work together all the time, which means that you will need to find additional ways to get the best results for your company. This is where the team building activities come into play.

Team building activities have been created with the sole purpose of providing your employees with a way to connect with each other, understand their expectations and ideas, all with the outcome of becoming a much better, more cohesive team!

Trust building

One of the main purposes of the team building activities is to build trust amongst the employees. Trust can either form or destroy a team, and the only way for a team to be glued together and productive is to have trustworthy members, on whom the others can count on at all times. In addition, building trust in the team will make them more comfortable and they will work harder, helping the others to achieve the goals that the company has.

Easing the conflicts

In the business world, numerous conflicts can appear, based on the employee personalities. Through team building activities, the co-workers can ease the conflicts because they manage to know the personalities of the other team members, something that leads to better results at all times. In order to get the best out of team building activities, it’s recommended to hold them away from the office, be it in a hotel conference room, a park or anywhere else.

Team building increases collaboration

Through team building, the team members will start creating a strong bond between them, while also generating an awareness of interdependency. These activities are requiring the employees to participate all at once, something that manages to showcase the skills of each person and how they can help their team efficiently.

It eases communication

One of the main struggles that many employees have is definitely communication. Being able to better communicate with the others can be a major hassle, but thanks to these activities each person in the group will be able to talk, present himself/herself and this way they are bound to feel welcome in the company’s family and their team.

In conclusion, team building is very important and it manages to glue teams of employees together in order to be more productive for your company. Through team bonding, all corporate and small businesses alike have the ability to get a more productive team, which leads to a faster production, better marketing and overall an increase in your revenue margin. Through these activities and team bonding, any company can achieve success!